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Harika is your source of IT expertise in Perth. With deep experience in creating and integrating technology solutions across many industries, as well as extensive IT management experience, we have the skills to solve your IT problems and help you to make the most of the growth opportunities technology can provide.

We'll help you to clarify your IT requirements and show you how to get what you need, done properly, on time and at the best price.


Our privacy policy is simple. We won't share your information with anyone without your explicit permission. Whether or not we have an NDA in place, your confidential information and intellectual property will be protected.


When we analyse your requirements, we'll give advice without fear or favour, based on our years of experience in IT and business.

Our goal is to help you build a solution that works for you, and meets your needs for the long-term.

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ABN99 601 708 807

IT Requirements Analysis

Are you frustrated by your IT systems? Maybe you have inadequate technology, or the wrong technology.
Maybe you just need to extend the life of the computers you already have.

Harika Technology will work with you to analyse your needs and provide a comprehensive plan to get your systems up to speed.

Maybe the Cloud is right for your business; maybe it's not.
Perhaps you need to add a server, or upgrade the one you have.
Maybe you need a better maintenance deal so you can keep your current equipment running for a few more years.
Do you need additional software to be more productive? Or some customisation or performance tuning of what you already have.
Maybe you need to push your information out to mobile devices - phones, iPads etc.
Do you need a faster Internet feed, IP telephony, or perhaps a Disaster Recovery solution?
Or perhaps your printers and copiers aren't meeting your needs.

Our Systems Integrator will listen first - to understand your business, what you need and what might be holding you back. We'll look at your business processes as well as your technology. We'll consider your budget constraints, your business priorities, your security and business continuity.

We'll provide you with a complete report, covering the issues that matter to you. It will recommend short-term and medium term steps to optimise the technology that supports your business, and a long-term plan to accommodate growth and change. Our goal will be to help you evolve your systems from their current state towards a dynamic, automated and adaptive system that creates opportunities for you rather than holding you back.

From there, if you like, we can help you to implement the plan using our strong relationships with local suppliers to get you the right solutions at the right cost. Or you can use the report as a blueprint to help you manage your relationship with your suppliers. We can provide as much or as little ongoing support as you choose.

Software Development


If you need software developed or modified, we listen to you, we analyse your requirements and we help you select the best platform and techniques to meet your needs.

We'll take your needs and also your wishlist into the development process and pay particular attention to the end-user experience, because software only succeeds when it makes your work easier and more productive.

We develop robust structured code and provide comprehensive, clear documentation suitable to your needs, whether you are an end-user, manager, administrator or developer.


Our extensive experience includes coding for:

  • Building companies
  • Engineering companies
  • Large corporates
  • Law firms
  • Not for profits
  • Research organisations
  • Resources companies
  • Small business
  • Software companies

Types of applications:

  • Application integration
  • Business Process Management / Workflow
  • Data modelling
  • Database design
  • eCommerce web sites
  • Engineering applications
  • Mobile web apps
  • PC applications (commercial and entertainment)
  • Process automation
  • Scientific applications

We have expertise with these technologies:

  • Android
  • Assembly / Firmware
  • Java, Java servlets
  • Javascript, JQuery, JQuery-UI
  • KendoUI
  • MacOSX
  • Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET, C#, C++, VB.NET)
  • PHP
  • Scripting
  • SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL
  • Unix
  • VMWare


We will help you determine the best solution to meet your business needs. We can provide licensing, installation, training and support for all of these products.

Backup and Replication

  • VeeAm Backup and Replication

Big data management

  • HP Controlpoint

Document management

  • Doc Minder
  • iManage Worksite
  • LogicalDOC


  • EFTPOS Online

Legal Process Management

  • Umbria

Secure Online Banking


  • VMWare

Workflow / BPM

  • Doc Minder
  • Workflowgen


IT requirements analysis

Harika Technology will work with you to analyse your needs and provide a comprehensive plan to get your systems up to speed. Optionally, we can help you to implement the plan using our strong relationships with local suppliers to get you the right solutions at the right cost.

Business continuity

We'll aid you in your disaster recovery planning. We can provide offsite backup and replication.


We can facilitate your data and telephony purchases, installations and upgrades. We'll ensure you get competitive pricing from the major infrastructure providers.

This includes Internet connections, private networks, IP Telephony (installed or hosted online) and your mobile fleet.

Email and Web

We can provide web and email hosting, managed email and email archiving.

Hardware maintenance

24x7 maintenance services for your IBM and HP servers and Cisco network equipment with guaranteed spares on-hand and qualified engineers always available. We'll keep your hardware running, during and after the warranty period.

Help desk

IT Help Desk services are available at all levels. Use us as your primary help desk, or to handle your after-hours or overflow calls.


With extensive experience in IT Management, we can support your IT team or provide advice when recruiting technical staff or selecting a technology provider.

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In the time it takes to read this screen, your company bank accounts can be emptied.

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting business accounts, and every year over $1 billion in company funds are simply disappearing. Hacking techniques are advancing faster than the banking industry can block them, and the problem is only going to get worse.

Even countermeasures like two factor authentication using a FOB or SMS text are easily defeated.

The cost of cybercrime to your business can be devastating:

  • Most banks no longer compensate cyber-theft on company accounts
  • Empty accounts can lead to missed payrolls or technical insolvency
  • Even if you’re insured, delays in reimbursement can be damaging or even fatal to your business

The solution is BankVault – a device linked to an ultra-secure data environment that makes every transaction anonymous, invisible and untraceable.

BankVault makes every online transaction invisible and out-of-reach from hackers.

What do I get?

The BankVault dongle (actual size approximately 2 cm).

You'll receive a BankVault dongle (pictured - actual size about 2 cm). This gives you three-factor authentication: you can only connect from your own computer, and you need the dongle and your login credentials. This will connect wirelessly and securely to BankVault.

The BankVault is a virtual computer, isolated in time and space. It's created from scratch when you request a connection, so it has no history and no malware. All it contains is a desktop with a browser so you can do your online banking. Its physical location and Internet address are unpredictable, and when you log out after your online banking session, the virtual machine is permanently destroyed so it can never be hacked, tracked, traced, interrogated or infected.

Use Bankvault for Safe trust account banking, Safe trade account banking, Safe share portfolio trading, Secure online transactions

A five minute discussion is all it takes to show you how BankVault stops cybercriminals dead in their tracks and we would be happy to do that if you're interested.

For more information, contact Harika Technology on 1300 HARIKA or visit

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Stop Bank Account Hacking

A Division of
Cyber Security and Fintech
Perth Australia, San Francisco USA